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We had our dress rehearsal for our big show next week yesterday and I wanted to show you how amazing the costumes look! 

Thank you for everything you have done for our massive production. 

Will send you more after the big night!


Just wanted to thank you for the quick response for my order. You really are the best costume supplier I use and the best prices, thank you and I look forward to ordering more for our end of year performance.

Love the onesies - thank you so much!

purrrrrrrrfect they are exactly what iam looking for now I can stay warm this winter thanknyou heaps now I know where to get em I will be ordering more when these wear out thank you

Just to let you know that it arrived lunchtime Friday and my daughter loves it! Thanks for your assistance in getting it here in time....

Oh and thank you for the other order. The tutus are just lovely!

Just letting you know the dresses arrived on Friday and the girls got to try them on today - they look great! They all fit well and the larger red font is exactly what I was hoping for.
Thank you again for all your assistance throughout the ordering process and for an awesome final product.

We love them – thank you! They will make our students look fantastic!

We received our sample leotards today, they look lovely and have a great finish!

Thank you so much for your help.  We received the tutu in time for Christmas and my niece loved it. 

I really appreciate your extra efforts in helping me with this gift and will tell friends where I found such a beautiful tutu.

In the frenzy of concert happenings last week I forgot to let you know the costumes arrived and that the girls looked amazing in them on stage.

Our costumes arrived yesterday and they are beautiful as always

I am loving the costumes we have received!!  It is like Christmas opening the boxes!